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In all honesty, the Escort is better than many others. The best part is they feel just as good as they look. Even with care, the springs and plug are going to come loose some of the time. With the right rig, the gun can be concealed under a Florida summer T-shirt as readily as a Maine sti escort gun coat. Unless I bolt the gun into a rest to measure its true potential accuracy, I am measuring my own skill as much as I am the accuracy sti escort gun the gun. While I prefer not to carry a for self-defense, the Escort should serve anyone who does well. The only disappointment was dating site threesome horrible review. It rates three stars, which means:. But then, it sounds like your sample size is also one. The Recoil Sti escort gun system is essentially a pair of recoil springs with one nested over the other. Beyond the finishing details, the gun was nice, but not perfect. So, try to work over an area where parts are easy sti escort gun spot. One of the things I found disappointing about the Escort is the trigger. These handguns have served men and women in the armed forces, in law enforcement and for personal protection.



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